1991 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4

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For sale is a 1991 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4, 3.0L V6, Twin Turbo, All-Wheel Drive, Manual.
This car has had 3 owners including me, I purchased the car back in the Summer of 2016. With the car I received all documentation of the car’s maintenance history up to that point. The original owner took very good care of this vehicle.

Key maintenance points are:
Routine oil changes every 3,000 miles
Regular scheduled fluid changes in:
rear differential
transfer case(has had recall performed)
trans axle
cooling system
power steering
brakes and clutch

Automatic Climate Control functions perfectly, heat and ac both functional
Brakes have approx 75% life
Tires have approx 60% life
Battery is 5 or 6 years old and could be replaced soon, has not given me issues starting in the cold.

Since I have owned the car I have made improvements to it. I’ve decided to sell this car as I’d like to move onto a different project.

Listed below is the work I have done since Summer 2016:
60k Mile service performed
Chrome ECU(Factory replacement) to replace leaky capacitor OEM ECU
New OEM forged crankshaft (replaced the weaker/oil starvation prone cast OEM crank)
cast crank = 1 oil journal per cylinder
forged crank = 2 oil journals per cylinder
New OEM rod bearings
New OEM main bearings
New OEM oil pump
New OEM waterpump
New OEM timing belt and components
New 3mm hydraulic valve lifters
New OEM headgaskets
New OEM clutch disc
New Spec stage 2 pressure plate
Flywheel professionally resurfaced
New Tanabe Touring Medallion Stainless Steel Turbo back exhaust (max db output = 93,under the legal limit)
New 3sx rear cat eliminator.
New 3sx highflow cat
New Front 61/2 and Rear 6×9 Alpine E Type speakers(front were blown), if further information is needed I can include the model number.

Special Features:
ECS (Electronic Controlled Suspension) lights are on (codes 61 and 64 – left front strut and right rear strut) have not fully diagnosed, could be broken wire in strut caps, or struts need to be replaced.

Active Exhaust does not work as I have replaced the exhaust with a performance unit

Active Aero functions properly, I currently keep it off in winter to avoid freezing

All Wheel Steering was deleted by the previous owner, to reinstall you would need the lines from the power steering reservoir and steering rack to the rear of the car. I didn’t see a big benefit to refitting it.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me, I will do my best to answer them.

  • Contact Name : Grant
  • Year : 1991
  • Make : Mitsubishi
  • Model : 3000GT VR4
  • Condition : Excellent
  • Miles : 74000
  • Cylinders : 6
  • Fuel : Gas
  • Transmission : Standard
  • Drivetrain : All Wheel Drive
  • Paint Color : red
  • Title Status : Clean
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