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With an Auto market hub built around the basis of convenience, Milwaukee Auto Classified Ads has connected thousands of players in the Automotive Industry with profound ease, and we are consistently devoted towards taking your Auto market experience to even greater heights.

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Featured ads are prioritized above ALL other ads. Meaning after a few days your ad will not sink to the bottom of the listings!

Featured ads will be the first in any list when the users are just casually browsing ads!

Your classified  ad will stay above free ads in its listing category!

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The most recent featured listings will be at the right of the home page and every sub page!

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Featured ads are labeled when shown!

 It’s Your Choice When To Feature Your Milwaukee Classified Ads 

When creating a classified ad you will be asked if you would like to have it featured. You can click Not Now or Proceed To Payment.
You can always go to your My Account in Manage Listings and Promote any classified ad to be featured at anytime for only
$0.97 For 30 Days

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