Create Your Own Custom License Plates

Custom License Plates. Lately specialty license plates are one of the coolest items in several areas around the nation, and it is not so hard to see why. Think about it. No matter what model your car is, any other driver on the road has, in all likelihood, seen hundreds if not thousands of the same car in his or her lifetime. However with custom license plates, it does not matter because you can be recognized anyway. If you have an exclusive and clever license plate, then you will be at the very least the only one in your state to get noticed with that particular message. Now tell me who does not want to be noticed? I sure know that I do.

One of my favorite license plates is the one where the letters form unusual patterns. It went something like “wvwvwvw” once. Now when I think back on this vanity license plate, perhaps whoever got it, did so just to baffle the cops, but still, it was pretty cool. What are even cooler these days are that you can use in some states – custom front plates. Where I live – in California, the law requires you to have the same state issued license plates on both the front as well as the back of your car or truck, but in several places this is not the case. You can actually choose to have anything you want as your front license plate, and that is where you can let your creativity run wild and have a lot of fun.

Among my favorite front license plates are the ones representing your favorite brand of something. In fact I particularly like license plates that advertise the kind of car that they are on. Who knows, for instance, why you are driving that Ford. Perhaps you love it or because you inherited it from your aunt when she passed away, or just simply because you got a fantastic deal on it. However if you put custom license plates that say “Ford” on the front of it, everyone will know that you are driving that car because it is your dream car, and their respect for you will go way up. Sure, everyone loves a woman or a man who reaches out and takes just what they want, someone who is decisive and an achiever, and specialty license plates can let everyone know that that is just what you are. Surely, there is no substitute for that kind of publicity.

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