Engine Cooling System Made Easy

Engine Cooling SystemEngine Cooling System Made Easy

When AAA reports that millions of vehicles overheat each year. It’s clear that people are apprehensive about engine cooling system maintenance.

Compounding the anxiety is the overwhelming number of coolant formulas and colors on store shelves today. It’s no wonder that motorists simply don’t know which antifreeze/coolant is right for their vehicles.

But now, drivers no longer need to worry. There is a product on the market that makes cooling system maintenance a breeze.

Engine Cooling System.

New Prestone All Makes All Models Extended Life Antifreeze/ Coolant can be used in all car and light-duty truck makes and models, domestic or foreign, and can be added to any antifreeze/coolant on the market today – regardless of color.

“Advancements in vehicle technology caused antifreeze manufacturers to concoct a variety of formulas to meet the needs of different cooling systems. As a result, the market became crowded, complex and confusing for motorists” said Kelley O’Donnell Prestone product manager. “We wanted to end the confusion for motorists. Our new formula, when used as directed can be added to any antifreeze/coolant in any vehicle with no adverse effects – a true benefit for consumers.”

The Prestone All Makes All Models Extended Life Antifreeze/ Coolant is available in both full concentrate and premixed forms.

Engine Cooling System. When using the concentrated formula to flush and fill a vehicle. Motorists should consult the vehicle owner’s manual to determine the specific maintenance and changeover intervals recommended for that vehicle.

In between these services, motorists should top off the system with a premixed formula. Which features the precise mixture of antifreeze concentrate and de-mineralized water.

“Cooling system maintenance no longer has to be daunting,” O’Donnell said. “Forget about colors. Forget about different formulas for different systems. Drivers simply need to remember that an all-encompassing product. Like Prestone All Makes All Models Extended Life Antifreeze/Coolant, can be used in any car or light-duty truck.”

Prestone AF2000 Extended Life Antifreeze – 1 Gallon

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