Give Your Car “Curb Appeal”

10 Steps to Selling Your CarStep 3: Give Your Car “Curb Appeal

When people come to look at your car, they will probably make up their minds to buy it or not within the first few seconds. This is based on their first look at the car. So you want this first look to be positive. You want your car to have “curb appeal.”

Before you advertise your car for sale, make sure it looks clean and attractive. This goes beyond just taking it to the car wash. Here is a to-do list to help you turn your heap into a cream puff:



Wash and vacuum the car and consider having it detailed.


Make sure your car is both mechanically sound and free from dents, dings and scrapes.


Consider making low-cost repairs yourself rather than selling it “as is.”


Shovel out all the junk from the inside of the car. That way, when a prospective buyer goes for a test-drive, they can visualize the car as theirs.


Wipe the brake dust off the wheel covers and treat the tires with a tire gloss product.


Thoroughly clean the windows (inside and out) and all the mirrored surfaces.


Wipe down the dashboard and empty the ashtrays.


Have all your maintenance records ready to show prospective buyers.


If the car needs servicing or even a routine oil change, take care of that before putting it up for sale.


Have your mechanic check out the car and issue a report about its condition. You can use this to motivate a buyer who is on the fence.


Order a vehicle history report from and show it to the buyer to prove the car’s title is clean and the odometer reading is accurate.


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