Used Car Checklist

Used Car ChecklistUsed Car Checklist

Follow the used car checklist below.

  • Consider market factors affecting the sale of your car (don’t try to sell a convertible in the winter), for example.


  • Check online classified ads to see what others in your area are asking for your type of vehicle.


  • Give your car “curb appeal” by cleaning and detailing it. Fix any problems or drop the price and sell it “as is.”


  • Get a smog inspection if required by your state DMV.


  • Consider buying an vehicle history report, or getting a mechanic’s inspection report to show prospective buyers.


  • Create a “For Sale” sign for your car window.


  • Post an eye-catching online classified advertisement.


  • Make yourself available to answer calls from potential buyers.


  • Arrange to show the car to prospective buyers.


  • Negotiate your best selling price by knowing the market and not dropping your price too quickly. Be patient. Don’t let yourself be pressured.


  • Collect payment for the car by getting a cashier’s check or cash.


  • Finalize the sale by fulfilling all state motor vehicles department paperwork to transfer ownership and limit your liability.


  • Remove all personal items from your car before the new owner drives it away.


  • If you have any questions as you sell your car, please reach out to the Milwaukee Auto Market Team for free assistance. They’ll  work hard to make experience trouble free.

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